We are a HACCP certified tea packaging company, our professional tea packaging consultancy offers you the best possible option based on your unique business situation, our team are hands on and have a strict control in each process of your tea packaging project, we always try to achieve the best out of our tea packaging knowledge, and always seek points to improve for on going projects.  


We mainly provide following services:


1. Professional consultancy in tea packaging.

We respect the beautiful tea ideas from each individual company, nurture these ideas with our rich tea packaging knowledge, assist in developing it into a great product which meets its unique market segmentation. While we strictly protect each individuals product and market.

We support each tea company has their unique tea product, and best to focus in different market, different segmentations, or regions. 

2.Customised and private labelled premium quality leaf tea bag packaging ( OEM contract packing services).

Our automatic tea bag packaging line is mainly in pyramid tea bags packaging, square tea bags packaging, individual packaging for each tea bags, final products can be in tin, boxes, pouches etc based the requirements from your products review. 

Environmentally friendly is always our first priority in all material being used in the entire packaging process. 


3. Assist in developing special tea blend, loose tea, organic tea, herb tea, fruit tea, tea bags to support each tea company has a long run in their unique tea market.


We work with tea enthusiastic tea individuals, tea companies, cooperation to firm their "Beautiful Tea Idea" into a best possible " Tea product"., all information of our privilege clients are exclusively well protected.


We have a strong supply capacity, and a responsive, stable, hands on, and detailed oriented system in tea packaging daily operation, we support both large and small scale of tea packaging projects at our best ability.


For starting up tea businesses, we do have a special scheme in supporting your initial start, please feel free to talk to us.


Lets have your very own premium tea brand come to the market.



Tea Gallery

Bio-degradable pyramid tea bag without tea tag

        We provide packaging services for bio-degradable pyramid tea bags without tea tag.

Biodegradable packaging material is made of plant extract, it can decompose entirely in the soil, when it is burned, it decompose into carbon dioxide and water.


Its excellent permeability allows the maximum extraction of nature fragrance in the water,  tea lovers are able to enjoy the best combination of aroma and taste from the tea.


None tagged pyramid tea bags are normally used for tea leaves which are not necessary to be take out from tea cup while drinking, for instance: Green Tea, Oolong, Flower Tea, Mint Blends - are very popular in Japan and South Korea tea lovers drink tea while enjoying the sight of tea leaves spreading out at the bottom of the cup.