Frequently Asked Questions

We’re afraid not.

All pre-made tea bags are three sides sealed rectangular tea bags. This is to leave one side open to manually fill in the tea leaves.

Pyramid tea bags require all sides to be sealed at the same time, meaning there will not be any open side left for filling in tea leaves manually. Therefore, pre-made tea bags (for manual packing purpose) can only be supplied in rectangular shape.

Some customers may try to twist the seal of the rectangular tea bag to try to form a pyramid shape. While this can be done, it is not recommended because it will not look as good as a natural pyramid bag.

From the pictures it can be difficult to see any difference between ours and other producers’.

What truly separates us from some of the other tea bag and tea supplier are:

1) The material we use.

We do not use nylon. Although nylon is a widely used material in the pyramid tea bags industry, it is not considered as good a choice because it begins to turn yellowish after some time, especially after packing tea into the tea bags. Nylon molecules also tend to be not so stable when water is above 50 degrees Celsius. Our dedication to quality and safety is why we do not use nylon.

2) Well controlled system in ensuring tea bags quality.

Common issues generally found in tea bags are:

  • Tag easily drops from the tea bag. This leads to problems after tea bags are manually packed into final packaging. By the time consumers receive the products, some of the tea tags have already become displaced.
  • Unstable sealing at the three sides. This issue is not immediately obvious and you only discover the weak sealing (or broken part) when you are brewing the tea bag.
  • We have established key quality control system to minimize and prevent the above-mentioned issues. Each tea bag has to go through several quality control points before being packed.

We can use biodegradable material to produce these pre-made tea bags. However, you may find it difficult to get the right sealer to do the sealing after tea bags are manually packed. Technically speaking, the best sealing method for biodegradable materials is ultra sound sealing. But you may not be able to find any ultra sound sealer in the market at the moment.

Biodegradable tea bags could be sealed by heat sealers. But due to the fragile nature of this material, the heat-sealed part is easily broken. Considering this sealing concern for customers, we do not produce biodegradable pre-made tea bags at the moment. However, we use biodegradable material for contract packing.

The material used are environmentally friendly mesh type of material. Unlike biodegradable material it is not made of plant extract. However, it does decompose into water and CO2 after it is burnt which is why it is considered environmentally friendly.

Size M is the most popular size for tea bags. It is capable of containing 2-4 grams of English Breakfast Tea (special cut).

Meanwhile, size L is usually used in cafes for larger brew for two or three people and it is capable to house 4-6 grams of English Breakfast Tea (special cut).

Unfortunately, you cannot use our Organic mark immediately on your packaging. Organic tea requires full control from tea to packaging on our end. Before you proceed to print the packaging material, you need to send all printing designs to us for review. Once the review is approved, we will send you our Organic Mark User Agreement to allow the mark to be used on the packaging. The Organic mark needs to be immediately taken off if the tea is no longer produced by us. Any violation in using our Organic mark will lead to legal action.

We encourage fresh ideas from each tea company with their unique designs, teas, marketing orientation and channel, and we need these basic aspects to be unique from one another to maintain healthy competition between all tea players. We are dedicated to producing a healthy ratio for all types of tea from different perspectives to benefit the end consumers; to ensure continuous growth opportunities for all different tea brands. Hence, we are unfortunately not able to release such information.

We suggest that you do some packaging research from your end, and our consultants will assist you in enriching your packaging ideas and make your ideas come to life.

Have more questions in mind? No worries, feel free to send us a message. We’re more than happy to hear from you!

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