Private Label Custom Tea Packaging In Singapore

As part of our commitment to offer more than just tea, we pride ourselves with the fact that we offer to our customers the unique possibility of opting for private label custom tea packaging in Singapore. Whether you are a new tea business owner or an established brand that seeks a private label tea supplier or a custom tea bag manufacturer, we have a wide range of services that suit your needs.

We are a HACCP-certified tea company in Singapore with an attention on fulfilling the needs of OEM and custom tea packaging of your business needs. All our tea packaging projects are closely monitored in order to be able to deliver the best results to our clients.

Get in touch with us to start exploring the ways to turn your tea concept into reality!


More Ways To Bring Your Product to Market

If you are wondering what our private label tea packaging can offer you, here is our answer:

  • We are one of the most valued custom tea blends suppliers in Singapore;
  • We offer professional consultancy in tea branding and custom tea packaging;
  • You have the possibility to opt for private label tea packaging with premium quality leaf tea bags;
  • Our range of tea blends include Chinese teas, flower teas, herbal teas and organic teas;
  • We value our environment, which is why we are an environmentally friendly tea company, evident through our use of environmentally friendly tea packaging materials.
  • Our vast professional experience includes working with international brands as well as with tea start-ups;
  • Our team is constantly trained and has both local and global knowledge about the art of making good tea and manufacturing quality tea packaging;
  • Besides offering custom tea blends, we also manufacture custom tea bags according to your specific needs.

Bring Your Tea Concept to Life!

When it comes to designing your packaging, we use only the very best packaging materials in the market. Be rest assured that you will receive a packaging that is both practical and environmentally friendly. The concept of environmental-friendly is at the core of everything we do. Of course, it will be attractive and inspired by your unique ideas as well.

When opting for our service, you will not have to worry about the quality of products and outstanding service coming at a price. Because we collaborate closely with leading international tea and material suppliers, we can offer the best products and services at competitive prices.

Being the leading tea packing and packaging provider in Singapore we understand each individual or business has its own needs and requirements.

Let’s say you have a unique concept for your new tea brand, yet you do not have the help and services required to transform your concept into reality. Hence, you can rely on our services at Fate House Singapore as we will aid you in designing the most qualitative tea packaging at a price that suits your budget.

And there is more! We can assist in creating custom tea blends, custom tea bags, custom tea bag tags, biodegradable tea bags and many more.

For detailed information about our tea services in Singapore, feel free to Contact Us today. Our team of professionals will advise you in regards to your particular needs, so we can offer you in the end the best private label custom tea packaging service!

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